Digital Signage in Oman

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Digital signage is using screens to strategically broadcast advertising or multimedia content in an attention getting way. It is a powerful medium to draw your audience’s attention, spread brand awareness, improve customer experience and drive sales. Unlike printed promotional material, digital signage allows you to display eye-catching dynamic content and to change messages quickly and easily by time and location.

There are wide variety of displays meeting all customer needs and requirements without any limitations like LED wall mounted, Vertical stands, Touch screens & Kiosks Displays. These screens have an outstanding performance with energy-saving technology to deliver stunning content. Low maintenance with long service life of up to 100,000 hours. Available in assorted screen sizes with landscape or portrait orientation and durable stands that can be easily moved or bolted down.

Another interesting type of digital signage screens is video walls: Seamless canvas in custom sizes and shapes with outstanding image quality and maximum brightness. Also, the magic mirror & Transparent displays: OLED displays that can be a mirror when someone is coming close or transparent to show the ads when no one is around!

Why use digital signage services in Oman?

The users will definitely have many advantages by using digital signage screens like:

  • Cope with technology trends.
  • Keep customers informed to the last minute changes (emergency news).
  • Higher financial income from advertisements.
  • Update content in a fly; ideal for short-term special offers and ad rotation. Normal paper signage may stay long after the offer expires.
  • Post content for special occasions like Eid, mother’s day, national day, back to school, Christmas and New Year with less cost and time to print or install the ads.
  • Control exactly what is displayed, where and when- globally.
  • Rotate different messages within playlists- say more to your audience.
  • Precise targeting by scheduling messages by date, time and location.
  • Post dynamic ads: videos, live feed, texts, slide shows and any kind of media! Once you see a static ad the first time, your brain will automatically ignore it the second time! Dynamic ads are eye catching.

The added values mentioned above will definitely have greater message impact, faster time to market, better targeted campaigns and improved marketing compliance.

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