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Property monitoring became very important for several reasons; safety, store control, progress witnessing, criminal evidence and to ensure the overall safety and possessions of all individuals are comprehensively protected.

Cameras comes in different features, specs, shapes and sizes, which depends on the customer requirements. Some can work using wireless while some can be connected with other camera networks with a DVR.

As mentioned earlier, cameras varies in terms of clarity of the picture, range and the quality of night vision. The better the specs, the higher the price of course. Cameras can keep footage for as long as the customer requires. The memory drive capacity can be adjusted as per the need of the customer. There are also other amazing features like monitoring online. The cameras can be followed using a special app that shows live footage. Some of these cameras are rotating cameras, which can be rotated by the user online to check the whole surroundings. Furthermore, these smart systems can detect motion and send notifications using the camera app. For example, you can setup the cameras for outdoor surveillance while being abroad, once these cameras detect any movement it will send a notification.

Also, cameras comes in different shapes. There are cameras that are fixed to show one-sided footage. Some other cameras are rotating to show the full picture. There is a special type of cameras that takes 360 degrees footage at once.

To end with, CCTV cameras became an important piece of equipment for both private and public properties, for what it provides in terms of safety and easy monitoring. Users can recall events, investigate accidents, gather evidence or just simply monitor their important spots remotely.

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