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Oman is moving towards technology and automation. One great example is the e-government project. As an enthusiastic Omani individuals at estore, we decided to go side by side with our government to reach to our common goal, which is to cope up and to be part of the fast moving world of technology.

E-store started as “Element” in 2015. We started small but scaled fast and we became known to public for retailing electronic parts and PCB designing. Shortly after the opening, element Omani engineers started designing their own top class boards and modules. They were designed to serve different purposes; Educational boards were designed to make programming easier and more convenient. Some general purpose boards were designed to help our young and enthusiastic engineers and amateurs to do their prototypes in a professional board. Also, we designed several boards for ongoing projects as per our customer needs and requirements.

In addition to our original ideas, our engineers designed and developed the existing boards that were usually imported from different parts of the world. Estore boards proved to be better and more reliable.  Many ideas failed, but most of them succeeded because here at estore, we either win or learn.

Research and development were essential parts of the company. They were mainly focusing on Automation. Wi-Fi, wireless and home automation were the core of our research. Several boards were designed to serve these purposes like “esp wifi module” based boards, Bluetooth based boards and radio frequency based boards. Estore is now installing full home automation devices to control most of the electrical appliances at your house. This system can be controlled from anywhere around the world as long as there is internet connection.

At estore, we also provide digital signage services. We are proud to have established business with top brands like rocomamas and crepe café. This service allows our customers to engage their viewers better than any poster ever could. It also allows them to deliver compelling content at the right location, at the right time for maximum impact.

Our recent project was launching the CCTV cameras. There are variety of cameras for indoor and outdoor applications. These cameras are smart enough to notify you if there is any motion or movement within the camera range. Furthermore, it is equipped with IR night vision mode. It can be monitored using an application in mobile phones.

Both digital signage and home automation services can be monitored and controlled remotely, from any part of the world. We, at estore, aim to bring the world to your hand!

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